Attention Competition Moms!

Attention Competition Moms!

Attention all Cheer Moms and Dance Moms! Are you eager to actively support your child's competitive team while also earning a passive income? The Competitive Moms Ambassador Network for SINQ Kids offers just that - a unique and empowering opportunity for you to make a difference.


What We Offer

The Competition Moms Ambassador Network is a cutting-edge affiliate program specially designed for the parents of competitive cheer and dance teams. It's not just about earning extra income; it's about enhancing the competitive experience for your team.

Key Benefits

1. Earn Passive Income: As an Ambassador, you'll earn commissions on sales made through your custom team page.
2. Custom Team Page: Get a tailored page for your team, featuring a range of products specifically chosen for cheer and dance athletes. See an example here.
3. Curated Makeup Collections: Access exclusive makeup collections that are perfect for the spotlight of competitive cheer and dance.

How to Join

1. Simple Sign-Up: Register easily through our dedicated sign-up page.
2. Set Up Your Page: Customize your team page with select SINQ Kids all-natural products consistent with your competition team standards.
3. Promote and Profit: Share your page within your team and community circles and start earning.

Why Choose Our Network?

- Community Focus: Strengthen your team's spirit and camaraderie with products that cater to their specific needs.
- Financial Empowerment: A fantastic avenue to support your child's passion in cheer and dance while benefiting financially.
- Ease of Use: Our program is user-friendly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your child's competitive journey.

Getting Started

Ready to make a difference? Join us today by visiting our registration page
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